There are projects I have been working on during my school years as well as during my free time on my own or with a team.


An online player-vs-player hide-n-seek game. A group of aliens try to abduct specific animals from a zoo, and the zookeeper must stop them from performing abduction by tranquilizing them.


A real-time action casual animal stacking game that has the silliest animal poses you can make. Try to stack animals on top of each other and reach as high as you can within limited time.


A Whac-A-Mole style game. You need to save those adorable bunnies from the invading foxes by hitting those foxes with a hammer.


A real-time food processing and managing game that brings fun and laughter to the players and their friends.


A puzzle-solving first-person horror game. You are locked in a library that have candles all lit up. Every 10 seconds one candle goes out. You can relight the candle up to 4 times. Find all the dislocated books and put them back in the shelves organized with Dewey Decimal System before all candles go out to escape.