This game is a Whack-A-Mole style game, with two control types. On PC, either play with the mouse and click to whack the foxes or use your Numpad to whack the burrow that's in the same spot as the numbers on the Numpad. On mobile, tap the foxes with your fingers to whack them! The game starts off slow and gets progressively faster as time goes on.

Design Goal:

FMOD Learning

Multi-platform Build Practice

Team Size: 3

Design: Jingyou (Rose) Wang

Art: Rylie Parker

Audio: Fernando Valadez



System Design

Development Time:

5 Days

Control System

Three different platform versions were made for Burrow Clean Out: PC, Android mobile, and WebGL. Different control methods were implemented according to different platforms. Besides the mouse click on PC or web/finger tap on mobile to hit the target, using Numpad on PC or web platform can also hit the corresponding target. This creates a much better player experience according to multiple testers.

The display for different control schemes on different platforms also has different visual representations:

  • On PC or web using Numpad to hit/on mobile using finger to tap on the target, a little hammer above the target's head with a hit background will display indicating target being hit

  • On PC or web using mouse to hit target will not display the hammer since the cursor itself is displayed as a hammer


PC/WebGL Mouse Control Display


PC/WebGL Numpad Display


Android Mobile Display


Scoring System

The scoring system for Burrow Clean Out is very simple but engaging:

  • When the player hits a fox, the player gains 1 point for score and 1 combo hit.

  • When the player hits a bunny, the player loses 1 point for score and breaks the combo chain (if combo > 0), which resets the combo.

  • If the player completes the game without hitting any bunnies or missing any foxes, the player gets a "Full Combo" stamp on the result screen.

Full Combo.png