Aliens vs Zookeepers is a multiplayer real time hide-and-seek game. This game takes place at Monty Mamba Zoo. A group of aliens try to abduct specific animals from the zoo to complete their research goal. Therefore the zookeeper must stop them from performing abduction by tranquilizing all of them before the timer ends or before the aliens complete their goal. There can be up to 4 players in one room. Player 1 controls the zookeeper, the rest of the players in the same room control the aliens. The main focus of the game is player versus player strategic gameplay.

Game Design Document:

Player In-Game Instruction
Asset Implementation

Team size: 6

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The animations in Aliens vs Zookeepers are relatively simple. The characters are not rigged. Instead, changes made in position, rotation, and scaling were used for all the character animations and scene animations.


Character Animations

Characters including player characters (alien, zookeeper) and non-player characters (animals) all share the same hopping animation while moving in the level. Originally the moving animation was planned to have the character roll around as a sphere, but the team has decided to make the characters hop to avoid confusion in how the characters look to the players.

Alien hopping:

AVZ animation clips - Scene 0.gif

Interaction Animations

Interaction animations include alien abducting an animal by calling a UFO, calling interrupted, and abduction completed.

Calling UFO:

AVZ animation clips - Scene 1.gif

UFO leaves:

AVZ animation clips - Scene 2.gif

Front End Animation

A short animation scene was made for front end background while the player is at main menu creating or searching for rooms.

The scene demonstrates the main purpose of the gameplay: the zookeeper chases after the alien and the alien abducts an animal.

Front End Short Scene:

AVZ animation clips - Scene 3.gif

In-Game Instruction

A relatively simple in-game instruction is displayed when the player is in game.

The instruction appears in form of text above the skill menu (Alien's view):

help alien asset 1.png

The players who play as aliens have different instruction messages from the players who play as zookeepers. Alien messages also change as the player is within range of a burrow which can move the player to another burrow instantly.

Zookeeper's view:

help zookeeper asset 1.png