Tower of Googly is an real-time, action, animal stacking game. Use WASDE keys to activate limbs and move toward the direction of mouse cursor and freeze the animal in use at the current place. Starting from the bottom of the cave, stack as many animals as you can to reach to a higher place.

Players can also put their names on leaderboard to display their highscore and compete with others.

Development Time:
1 month

Level Designer

Team size: 6

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Level Layout and Environment

As a game jam game, Tower of Googly has only 1 level. The level goes extends up as the player progresses.


  • The concept of this game has 4 different environments - cave, ground, sky, and space

    • The height of each environment increases as it goes up

      • cave - 4 screen height with 1 connecting environment

      • ground - 5 screen height 1 connecting environment

      • sky - 6 screen height 1 connecting environment

      • space - as high as the player can go


The game level starts at the bottom of the cave and goes up. Within the level, there are grabbable objects available for the player to climb the animal on and freeze the animal, or to use it as a connecting object to reach out to a nearby frozen animal.

Grabbable objects in different environments:


Grabbable objects cannot be moved or destroyed. Except for the first grabbable rock, they are spawned 9 to 15 units away from each other vertically, -4.5 to 4.5 units in world space horizontally for randomness.

Unfreeze Zone:

To provide a smooth gameplay experience, unfreeze zone in the level is designed to provide the players with extra space to move through the level without trapping themselves in one place.

The unfreeze zone is designed to set on both sides of the level, as well as at the spawn area. Indicated with half semi-opaque mark.


Boost Object:

In non-practice mode, throughout the entire level, birds are setup in a way similar to how grabbables are setup for players to catch and increase the total time left in the game.

In practice mode, birds are also available. Instead of providing extra time, a message encouraging the player to keep up the good work and play more.

bird timed.png